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ickle is an ICQ2000 Client using the GTK+ graphical toolkit. It aims to bring all the useful features of ICQ2000 to non-windows users, such as SMS messaging.


23rd September 2002
SuSE 8.0 rpms
Christian is at it again, and has generously done SuSE 8.0 RPM's too. Enjoy.

12th September 2002
Mandrake 8.2 rpms
Christian has kindly made Mandrake RPM's available from his website. Big thanks go to him Mandrakers!

21st July 2002
ickle 0.3.2 released
Minor bugfix release, fixing problems that have surfaced in compiling with gnome support, and compiling with the gcc 3.xx series of compilers. Lots of namespace tidying up and tidying for gcc 3.1.

28th April 2002
FreshRPMs.net have made rpms for the latest release for all you Redhatters: ickle rpms

26th April 2002
ickle 0.3.1 released
This is a minor bugfix release, fixing many small bugs that were found since the 0.3.0 major release.

17th April 2002
It appears a bug in the autoconf that was used to generate the configure scripts has been causing the configure to bail out when testing for gtkmm and sigc++ on some Redhat 7.x and Mandrake systems. A quick fix is to download a replacement configure script from here, save it over the one unpacked from the tarball and rerun configure. You will need a similar fix for libicq2000, get it's replacement configure here and save that over the configure that was in the libicq2000 tarball and rerun. A release of the next minor version will fix this in the next few days.

16th April 2002
(it's been a long time, I know..)
The long awaited version 0.3.0 of ickle is released.
Changes since 0.2 (it's a biggy):

  • Added support for Authorisation Requests
  • Support for `user added you' requests
  • Support for your own away message
  • Predefined away messages
  • More icon sets
  • SMTP delivery of SMS messages where required
  • Title and icon indication of messages on the main ickle window, and on contact windows.
  • Better handling of when a message is 'read'
  • Statistics for contacts in user info
  • Whitepage searches (detailed, UIN and Keyword)
  • Invisibility
  • Auto-away on idle time
  • Retrieving/setting own info
  • About box
  • gcc 3.0 fixes - message history problems mainly
  • Urgent and `To Contact List' delivery modes
  • Sorting of contact list
  • Extensively more Settings
    (Direct connection control, Servers, Logging.. )
  • More README
  • Registering new UINs and a Wizard to help too
  • Spell checking in Message box (with ispell/aspell)
  • Probably more stuff..

5th April 2002
ickle has made it into official debian. There are packages for 0.2.2 in unstable now. Thanks to Leo Costela for being our debian maintainer!

5th January 2002
ickle version 0.2.2 released.
Bugfix release:

  • Messages through direct connections timeout correctly now
  • Resending through server normal after server advanced fails
  • Using server acks for status in client
  • History fix for mobile-only users (make it work)
  • Settings are now saved correctly when ickle is exited via the "remove from panel" option (applet) or from the exit menu.
  • Ignore any unknown commandline options when run as an applet, allows the applet to be added to the panel via the panel menu.

26th December 2001
ickle version 0.2.1 released.

  • Numerous bug fixes for 0.2 release.
  • Improved history behaviour.
  • gcc 3.0 should definitely work now

15th December 2001
ickle version 0.2.0 released. Changes since last version includes:

  • Support for direct connections
  • History-viewing support
  • Optional support for a GNOME applet
  • Support for dealing with authorization requests/responses
  • Support for fetching away messages
  • Support for character set translation
  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Portability fixes (OpenBSD, gcc 3.*, sstream)
  • New settings:
    • autologin
    • autoraise messagebox
    • autopopup messagebox
    • autoclose messagebox
    • autoreconnect
    • logging
    • font selection for messagebox
    • network

7th November 2001
ickle version 0.1.2 released. Interrim release before the next major release, to fix important bugs that have emerged. ICQ decided to stop sending the MOTD today which screwed ickle up, but it is fixed in this release. Also bugfixes to hopefully get it compiling on FreeBSD and Solaris more easily.

8th October 2001
ickle version 0.1.1 released. Many bugfixes to catch missing libraries at configure time. Added fetching basic user info off server, history logging (although not reviewing yet) and tweaked GUI generally.

1st October 2001
ickle version 0.1.0 released. Supports through server messaging, urls and SMSs to mobile phones. Get the source under downloads on the right.


You can contact me on <barnaby@beedesign.co.uk>.
STOP! before you fire off that bug report or feature request, please be sure you've read the README that comes with ickle. I specifically request some details and there are mailing lists you should send to. Be warned - I will not be a happy bunny if you've not read the instructions first! Thanks.


source tarball ickle-0.3.2.tar.gz (note: not a direct link)


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